29 Jan 2013


In 1984 Niels Vitsoe commissioned the above sculpture to celebrate 25 years of working alongside (my hero) Dieter Rams.  (Despite turning 80 last year, Rams still works with Vitsoe now... I know!).

They say of the sculpture:  "Designed by the German sculptor, E.R. Nele, the work is constructed entirely from parts of VitsÅ“’s furniture collection in the early 1980s. The sculpture has hung in Rams’s house ever since."

Ah, I really want to see his house! (Probably sounds more creepy than its intention). 


  1. Dieter Rams is one of my design heroes too. His catalog of work just holds up so well, doesn't it? Minimalist. Perfection.

  2. Sometimes it is those things which look simple that have the most in them: so much to see here!