7 Dec 2012


Having (shamefully) never been to Bath, I was stunned at how much I fell in love with the city while I was there recently.  The photos (while not wonderful & taken with my iPhone), hopefully in some way show the beautiful architecture and stone work there.  Obviously the Roman Baths have a massive presence in the the city but there seems to be so much more than that.  In many ways Bath reminded me of Edinburgh, where I used to live.  It had a similar atmosphere too - isn't it funny how you can arrive in a place and instantly feel at home?  For me, Bath was one of those places. I could have spent a lot longer there and will definitely be back, hopefully soon.

Have you been?  Is there anywhere unmissable I should go next time?  Perhaps a spot to get some lunch, a great little shop, local secrets?  Fill me in!  Oh and enjoy the weekend, friends!


  1. iPhone photos are working for you! These are great : )
    Bath is beautiful. Like you, I loved it.

  2. these look so lovely!! your colours are always so enviable, jo. :)

    as for bath, i've only been once, when i was 15 or so, with my father - and it was a quick visit, as we only had a few hours. he wanted to show me his childhood home, and as we got there, the new occupants are just leaving, but offered to give us a look around (so nice of them!). it was weird seeing it for him, i'm sure, but it made him so happy, that i was ok with giving the roman baths a pass after that. hopefully i'll make it there again one day...

    1. That's such a good story - I've always wanted to go back to the different places I grew up in to see in inside now!

  3. Your pictures make it look so soft and delicately pretty - I've heard such great things about Bath

  4. These are GORGEOUS Jo. Per usual. Ay, chica. You inspire me. xo

  5. I love it. Quite frankly, I think these photos are just perfect. Have never been and can only dream of visiting one day. Thinking of you Jo!
    Ronnie xo

  6. I've always wanted to go to Bath, for my job I often have to find pictures of it (I'm a picture researcher) and it looks so lovely. I love your pictures too :)

  7. These pictures are gorgeous, Jo! LOVE the colours.

    Lucy xo

  8. So behind, but just wanted to say next time you're in bath just holla for places to visit. Some of the best places are off the beaten track :) x

  9. Hi Jo,

    A bit late to the post, but I just wanted to say that you have captured Bath wonderfully. I live in Bath and completely take it for granted that I get to walk these streets and be surrounded by such beautiful architecture. I'm so pleased you enjoyed your visit. If you are out and about again, a few places to try are The Fashion Museum and The Holburne; Society Cafe has -the- best hot chocolates and if you're after crafty goodies - The Makery Emporium is definitely worth popping into. :D

    Love your blog by the way!